Some of you going into this review would have known about the Tin Hifi T2 (formally called as the Tin Audio T2) that "blows the world" for its ability to perform as a neutral IEM back then. Even today, I think it is still hold up quite well, despite a lot of new IEM have been released, taking the spotlight.

Despite my favor towards the Tin Hifi T2, I actually take the T2+ release as a grain of salt, although it does get my curiosity up since this is their second revision of the T2. Not sure the reason behind this.

Short impression like last time, you can expect a full review next or the week after.

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This Tin Hifi T2+ unit was provided by Linsoul in exchange for my honest review.

First Impressions:

Tin Hifi T2+ frequency response

Measurements are done on a calibrated IEC-711 clone. Expect a resonance peak at around 8kHz.

My measurements are also raw and uncompensated, hence flat in graph is not flat in real life.

  • Somewhat Mild V-Shaped or Neutral Warm signature depending on interpretation, I am leaning into the latter.
  • I am not sure if this should be called as a "revision" of the T2, sounds really different from the original from my memory. But then, I haven't heard the T2 for a while since I broke my unit, time for a trip to the store -_-
  • Pretty enjoyable, maybe a little bit "honky" I guess? Midrange is probably the most interesting touch of this IEM for me

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