I am a student who loves to share stuff about my hobby or anything I get interested in, be it Audio/Music or Programming related.

This blog was born due to this reason. If you are new, expect the following content that I post:

  • Audio reviewing content: Mostly IEMs, I listen to music a lot and happens to travel everyday, therefore I look for something that can cope with my daily routine
  • Doujin related content: Side content that I might do occasionally just to show off and discuss about my hobby


I listen to a wide range of music, basically anything that I happen to enjoy, but my favorite are Japanese music (Mostly doujin), Instrumental, EDM, Rock and a bit of Metal.

I also play some guitar and a little bit of piano.

Favorite band/music circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong).

About reviewing:

I usually try to engage in multiple communities as much as possible and you might often see me being really active in them on Discord, Facebook, Twitter... etc but there is some disclaimer to note:

  • Let me stress this again, I am not entitled to any single entity, Banbeucmas Hobby Lounge is my personal blog where I raise my honest thought about what I interest, be it Audio or Progamming or Doujin.
  • While I won't promote a product for any specific entity, storefronts and audio companies can send me review samples in exchange for an honest review, I will make sure to give credit for the sample providers for the buyers benefit, nothing more nothing less.

Contact information: