Last year, after receiving my steel coupler, I have been wondering if I can do some heavy measurement duties. Fast forward to these few months recently, despite dealing with all of the troubles that the pandemic brings, I finally have enough data to make my own database.

So for better or worse, after several months traveling around the city and botching up my mediocre front-end skill, here is my graph database, with 140+ different IEMs measured (160+ entries), all in the glorious IEC-711 standard so that one can use it and compare to academic graphs for their own use:

IEM Measurements index
Database of IEM graphs

I have also implemented the famous Graph Comparison Tool that readers of In-Ear Fidelity are familiar with:

Graph Comparison Tool
Compare graphs

Now, while I don't think I need to explain my procedure with my measurement (As it has been fully written in the index page if anyone cares). There might be some few more questions for some people so I will try to address this beforehand:

Q: Are you allowed to use the Graph Comparison Tool on your site like that?

Legally, the tool is distributed under BSD Zero-clause License so I am free to use it. Although I did also ask Crin and he gave me a green light also because of this reason.

Q: What are the difference between yours and Crinacle's?

Technically the same in function, with some small front-end change to fit my site. I also added my own preference curve and Toranku's if people are interested.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the tool?

There might be, but for most of the part, all of the function of the Comparison Tool (E.g: Comparison with Targets), will be available for public use forever. Most of the restrictions apply in the future will only for some of the parts that I implemented myself if there is any. Those functions would be quite niches anyway.

Q: What about the raw data of your measurements?

While I am in the work of setting it up, the data will available through my Patreon once it is done. In the future, I plan to move out of the platform and utilize Ghost Membership to ease my reliance on third party interpretations.

This is why I decided to go with Ghost in the beginning ;).

That's it for now, the last few months have been rough with my graduation exam and stuff. But surely this opens up with some more projects that I can do with my ability. If anyone has some more questions or just want to hang out, my Discord is always open

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Last but not least, my thanks to some people:

  • Super* Review (MRS) for providing me front end ideas. Subscribe to his channel, he is great.
  • Marshall for actually sticking with me and squash some more bugs + adding compatibility to my site
  • SLAudio, Xuan Vu Audio, SVHouse, and a lot of people in Vietnamese Audiophile groups + VOZ Forum for providing the samples for my work.

I am also happy to announce my University admission. In the future, most of my reviewing/measuring work (and some Audio-unrelated content) will happen in Japan. I won't be going anywhere, stay tuned.