Yes, technically it's not the 5th of January in Vietnam yet but I am living in Japan right now so :). Hobby Lounge's birthday is actually in October though but shhh... let's pretend that I created this blog on my birthday then.

20 years old huh... for some reason, that does feel like a big step. I mean, the Japanese do consider 20 years old as being an adult, and on a silly note, you lived 10 years to finally jack up that tenth digit number and live with it for the next 10 years... that's kind of exciting (And depressing). I would think for most people, life starts from 18 years old (at least for a Vietnamese), or 22 f0r some. You go to university, you study, get a job and then for a city guy you might be able to return to your home, happy with your family. Some live far from home, alone but they stay in touch and know that their relatives are close.
For a Vietnamese, this is something I reckon most of my fellow friends would not experience. Living far away from home in an unknown country... exciting, fun but then the homesickness kicks in sometimes even with simple stuff like eating a bowl of Pho in your neighborhood every morning. Not that it makes living in Japan less fun though.

One year in the sunrise land is fun, being actually responsible for your stuff is actually one of the stuff I am glad I earned. And will be beaten by life in several years to come... Who cares, I will try to have fun, and live my life, that's all I want...

As for the second anniversary of Hobby Lounge. How to say this... Despite how partially inactive I am, stuff is basically accomplished in some way. The measurement database got nearly 300 different entries now and won't really have any new updates for a while (Thanks E-Earphones for disallowing Measurement despite allowing it for the first 3 quarters of 2021), but more importantly, I was able to establish the Doujin Music impression series. For me, that's all right, I don't expect myself to earn more views, but rather to just rant in this small corner whenever I want, consider Hobby Lounge is my own dairy of some sort is not actually wrong, to say the least >.<.

But that's all for now, first-year anniversary of living in Japan, 2 years anniversary of Hobby Lounge, and 20 years anniversary of existing in this hellfire of a globe...

Here for more years to come, time for me to waste a can of Strong Zero, finally able to legally consume alcohol...

See you later... As long as I am not wasted next morning we will still have another article this week...

And yes, thanks for the happy birthday. I was spammed like several hundred notification this morning, god damn it.

"まつりまつられ うたいうたわれ。

- まつりまつられ from 凋叶棕's 祀 (Worship)

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