It is widely known to the world of programming that this is one of the most basic program that a newbie would write. Therefore, I also will exercise my practice to write my first post ever on this blog.

Hello cruel world and welcome to my blog, or what I would call my "self-rambling place". The content in here can be anything but do expect mainly:

  • Audio reviewing content: Mostly IEMs, I listen to music a lot and happens to travel everyday, therefore I look for something that can cope with my daily routine
  • Doujin related content: Side content that I might do occasionally just to show off and discuss about my hobby

Truth be told, my writing sucks. My ear isn't one of the best of its kind and Doujin isn't something that I can share occasionally due to its popularity towards the Western audiences. Hence this blog was born. I love talking about these stuff, might as well have a place to dump them from time to time.

Looking forward to my time picking this new hobby, maybe one day this blew up which is possibly never. I would look and see what the heck I have done to get to that point.