Like the title implies, this post serves the purpose to provide the update to the Graph database that I have announced 3 months.

Anyway, let's get into it shall we? Below here are the list of the IEM added after the announcement post.

All of the graph above are accessible from the site's Frequency Response Index and Graph Comparison Tool

This doesn't seem much since I was quite busy after that so I could not do much in that time period.

‌The Blog's future direction:

First thing first, I would like to announce something: I got into Japan! ‌‌

While this is a good new for me, it has also messed a lot of thing regarding how this page operates so I think it's time to take a step back and reconsider some of the aspect of the blog.
Anyway, here it goes.

About the Frequency Response Index:

One thing when it comes to Japan with the personal audio scene, is that they have a really big market. So coming to Japan means I have access to a numerous amount of earphones via store like e-earphones or Fujiya AVIC. Though, while it is quite positive in terms of impression materials, the Graph Database face an issue: They might not allow measurement activities to take place.

Note the word "might", I haven't directly confirm it myself so I cannot say much, though with some self-research, the chances aren't exactly high. Japan is a country where the unwritten rules are better not to do after all.
I am not giving myself up for now, maybe there is a way ;). For now, the database will still have updates, but I will mainly rely on oversea store unit and people I meet along the way here.

Doujin Music:

Oh yeah, coming to Japan means that finally I have the chance to cover one of my favorite aspect of Japanese medias: Doujin Music.
Expect this to be one of the main aspect of the blog in future contents, as 2020 passed by, hopefully I will have the chance to cover more of this.

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