Outside of some of the big guy like Sony or Audio Technica, the Japanese portable market hasn't been that popular in Vietnam.
Final? Got some recognition with the E series, but hardly ever mentioned nowaday unless they have some major release. Acoustune? Does have some words throwing off here and there, but most of those are from some of the big players in the Vietnamese community. Hence, it was a challenge for me to get to hear some of the IEM of this brand. And when I finally got the chance, the product itself has channels matching issues.

Though, I am not here just to rant. Let's get into the main topic: My first impression of the Acoustune HS1300SS.

Nothing much to say about how I acquired this unit per-se. I got a trip to Akihabara today and due to popular demand in my community, I decided to demo and buy this IEM as well. Let's see how it fairs off.

Before going into the post, if you are new, please read this before having any comments regarding my writing or point of view‌.

For Vietnamese readers: Bài viết đã có bản tiếng Việt tại đây


The Acoustune HS1300HS was a self-purchased unit.

First impressions:

Acoustune HS1300 SS Frequency response - Can be seen from the Frequency Response Index
  • Warm V-shaped IEM, a colored presentation for sure but quite enjoyable
  • Really airy, might be sibilance for some. Peaks on the frequency response of this IEM might pose some issues.
  • Nice sub-bass response, bass was able to dig deep and the rumble was satisfying
  • Forward in terms of female vocal presentation, just a bit more and it would be too much.
  • Probably a good IEM. No, not amazing like the Blessing 2 regarding price to performance, but good.
I am not that of a big money spender, but pretty sure if I spent my money, then the IEM would worth the time writing.

Like usual, either if you guys want some more insight or just occasional banters, my Discord is open

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