Yes, I am back with more graph. Pardon my hiatus due to my mid term exam.

This batch overall doesn't have anything particularly special, though there is a small catch: I am dividing up these upload into two parts due to the amount of data needed to compose.
Here is the first part which is roughly about 33 new entries, the second part will come later with my impression post for new IEM like WF-1000XM4 etc...

All of the data can be browsed through the graph database:
Graphs can also be compared through:

Speaking of which, you would also realize that my graph tool has been updated with new interface. Courtesy of Super* Review for this update - check out his channel, I am just patching bugs and having mental breakdown here and there:

Like I said, since the next post will likely be impression post. I will gladly giving impression for sample that I can get my hands on. Join my server to do these request if you want.